Making a Connection with Portfolio Stories

I mainly build and rebuild small business websites. These are some examples of the types of websites I have designed and built. Learning about the small business, their strengths, and their customers is what will help make a website work well for a company. I always want to spend extra time getting to know what the main goals and strengths are of each company I work with. Please note that many of my clients maintain their own websites and can make changes to them, so they may appear different than the images.

Usually I recommend clean light colored backgrounds, but in this case, we wanted magical features of making the website look more mysterious and something more traditional to a magician. We accented with photos of the magician as well as magician's props.

Some of the features on this website:

  • Parallax Image
  • Animated GIF
  • Animated Header Features


Construction Portfolio

OBI Construction is a general contractor for commercial buildings. Their business is all from word of mouth, so they needed a website just as a way to prove authenticity. They had a website years ago that I was able to dig up on which I was able to take some of the information from, as well as sending me their recent portfolio work.

Some of the features on this website:

  • Gallery
  • Number Counter
  • Sliders

Child Life Connection

This website was a rebuild of an old website. We kept it very similar but updated the layout and features. We wanted a "children in the hospital" vibe that wasn't scary or sad, so we used the client's photo of a mural that they orchestrated as the main hero image throughout the website.

Some of the features on this website:

  • Parallax Image
  • Multiple Galleries on a Single Page
  • Accordion feature
  • Links page with icons


Family Jeweler Focused on Inviting Customers In

Bernard Jewelers wanted to show people that they are a local family jewelry store that does in-house repairs and custom design rather than shipping out the jewelry. They are very proud of their high standards of workmanship as well as their immaculate reviews online. We focused on using images of their store and display cases that make people want to come stop in to see what else they have in stock, as well as to give a more personal vibe.

This family-owned company was great to work with. While going through all of their company information and putting it together for the public to see it made me fall in love with the way they handle their business and their customers. Working on websites for companies that truly care about their customers and their community is why I love working with small businesses.

Features on this website:

  • Parallax Image
  • Social Media in Header
  • Testimonial Slider
  • Map Footer

E-Commerce for Events

Brush of Colors is a small business that a friend and I created.  It is a paint party business that we would take to different locations whether it was someone's home or a restaurant or business. We used WooCommerce (an e-commerce platform for WordPress) to list the events or paintings that people could choose. There are also contact forms for requesting a personalized event.


Simple Products to An Invaluable Service

LR Sliver has been in the promotional products business for over 30 years. When I met him, he had a website that showcased his products, but there was no indication of why his products were any different from his competitors. After we discussed his business we found out that his biggest product was his knowledge. He has many tips and tricks up his sleeve to help the promotional products he sells work for individual scenarios. We learned that we wanted to redesign his website and showcase the consulting services that he offered as a reason why his customers should purchase products from him.


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