Custom Website Design and Computer Services for Small Businesses

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Web Design

From stylish informational website design to e-commerce websites I can help you build your business on the web. Our web design services are small business based.

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Content Writing

The hardest part of creating a website is writing the content. I can help you put your thoughts together in simple, thought-out ways, just how search engines like it.

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Virtual Assistance

I can help you and your small business, anywhere. Tasks I can help with can be email marketing, graphic design, record-keeping and everything in between.

Photograph of Monica Jamer, owner of Monzanita's with text: My Business Ethics are directly related to how I would want to be treated as a client

About Monica

I have been working with small businesses to make their corner of the internet more beautiful since 2006. I love working with small and medium-sized businesses because those businesses are run by unique individuals that bring something new to the table. I want to really take time with you over the phone to learn about your business and your target audience. I want to make sure I am understanding your needs and that I am addressing everything that may need to go on your website design or into your business plan.

There have been numerous times where I have spoken to a business owner who just wanted me to give their website a facelift. After asking specific questions we learned that there was a large portion of their services that was missing on their website, and it would benefit them and their customers to address it.

I am an Arizona girl who recently was transplanted to New England, specifically Strafford, New Hampshire. I may not be accustomed to the weather but I am happy to meet with local clients at your business or in a local coffee shop!


Monica was aces!!! I greatly appreciated her guidance and help.

The draft website is SO much more than I expected. It is beautiful and I know by telling buyers to go there to check out our product for additional information I feel confident they will be motivated to order the product. Thank you so much.

Very happy to discuss my vision with Monica, she absolutely got it and had some great suggestions for me, very knowledgeable. I can't wait to see the product. Thank You Monica!

Monica was very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant!

I was about the cancel my new site until I spoke to Monica. She is the first person with whom I have shared my desire for a consulting website and actually believes she can make it happen. She has so far saved the day!

On Location Web Design Services

I can come to your location to get the information I need to create your website. I am able to come to take pictures, gather content and get to know your business. Not handy with computers? I can help! I am currently located in the Strafford, New Hampshire area and I am willing to travel about an hour or so.

Creative Resources

This is a list of different creative resources, both Free and Paid. Many times I have clients who have specific design wants and needs for their website or project and it can be easier for us both to have you choose the graphics. These creative resources are the ones that I use most, there are […]

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Fonts for Your Website and How to Choose Them

There are a few things that make a great website, and the fonts that you choose for your website is one of them. I used to be really into fonts when I first started trying to get into graphic design. When I first started doing web design I wanted some of the cute and fun […]

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Web Design in Strafford, New Hampshire

I’ve recently moved and am now offering on location web design in Strafford, New Hampshire. I usually do web design remotely, but my web design in Strafford, New Hampshire can be much more personalized. I offer plenty of value with my website design. There are a few different services that I offer. In other words, […]

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Business Ethics and Providing You Value

My business ethics and values are something that I have been developing most of my adult life. I look at many companies who are “ethical” and I still see things I don’t agree with. Having my own small business gives me the opportunity to practice business ethics that I wish more companies would have. I […]

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DIY Websites and Website Builders

My kids are only 4 and 7 years old. They watch way too much TV and complain about having to watch “advahtisements” (advertisements, but pronounced with a very cute little Boston accent). My oldest son always shouts and has to show me the DIY website builder commercials from GoDaddy and Wix. They love all of […]

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Website Design Consultations

My website design consultation usually takes place over the phone or in person. I can also do them over email, but conversations flow much more naturally in person or over the phone and I can direct the questions that help me make sure that I know your business and what will help your website reach its full […]

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Introduction to Websites and What it Takes to Get One

I’m going to try to keep it basic for those who are unfamiliar with computers. Please let me know if I need to clarify further, by contacting me. To have a website you need 2 basic things, hosting and a domain. Hosting is a place to put your files. This means that there is a […]

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Website Design Giveaway

I have been working on websites for years, but my current portfolio is lacking. Most of my projects were websites I designed during my time with GoDaddy (see my about page). They were a team effort to build them, so I want to add to my personal portfolio. I am doing a giveaway for one […]

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Writing Content

Many web design companies want their clients to have their own content before designing a site for you. That means they want the text or verbiage and any images needed for your business (with the exception of stock photos). I do not require my clients to have the written content, I am happy to work […]

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