Website Design Giveaway

I have been working on websites for years, but my current portfolio is lacking. Most of my projects were websites I designed during my time with GoDaddy (see my about page). They were a team effort to build them, so I want to add to my personal portfolio. I am doing a giveaway for one website to be added to my portfolio.

Website Giveaway Details

-The website I will be designing is a WordPress website, a platform that is an industry standard.
-The website will be responsive (mobile friendly/changes size based on different screen sizes)
-It will be for an informational website (I can build an e-commerce website for a small fee)
-Up to 8 Pages, Any Additional Pages will be offered at a low fee, discussed before the build is started.
-Giveaway ends August 12th at 11:55 pm EST.

Giveaway Requirements:

-Small Businesses Only, Based in the US.
-Client must have hosting and domain (don’t know what this is? Come talk to me, I can explain it)
-Client must have time to go over the details of the website and be able to go over revisions in the next two weeks (August 14th – 25th)
-The client must be willing to set up times to speak over the phone about their website. This way, I can ask better questions.
-If you are local (near Tewksbury, Massachusetts) I am willing to meet you at your business and am able to take photos and speak to you in person.
-The client needs to agree to use industry standards and most of my design advice. I will design the website to your liking, but I do need it to be presentable as a website I can use for my portfolio. I want this to be a website that you can use and love and one that will be using the best practices to help your business succeed.
-Please use the form below to enter. Contact me for any help.

I am happy to speak to any potential clients about what the web design process consists of. Please give me a call or send me an email. I also love to do initial consultations, a free in-depth conversation about what you need for your website. I will follow up that conversation with a quote of what your website design will cost. While I am building my portfolio I am offering low priced quotes. Give me a call at 602-574-1999 anytime during Monday – Friday 9am-9pm EST.

This Giveaway Has Closed

Monica Jamer

Monica Jamer is a web designer that excels in designing websites for small businesses. She mainly designs in WordPress and has helped a wide range of customers with small businesses. When she isn't behind the computer you will usually find her working on her homestead, exploring the outdoors and traveling with her family.
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