Web Design in Strafford, New Hampshire

I’ve recently moved and am now offering on location web design in Strafford, New Hampshire. I usually do web design remotely, but my web design in Strafford, New Hampshire can be much more personalized.

I offer plenty of value with my website design. There are a few different services that I offer. In other words, I am pretty much your small business website handy-man.

  • Web Site Redesign and New Builds
  • Troubleshooting Websites
  • Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization, aka Getting you on Google)
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Any other “computer chores” that can be done virtually

As a result of living here locally, my web design services in Strafford, New Hampshire are a touch more in depth.

  • Meet you in person at your farm, business or the hill library
  • Come to you and take web quality photos of your farm, business or products
  • Knowing Strafford and the Local Area helps me with SEO Keywords so I can get you on Google and other search engines
  • Teach you in person how to make edits to your website or how to work other basic computer programs

If you need web design in Strafford, New Hampshire, give me a call. All of my in-depth consultations are free of charge and I can make sure your web site is headed in the right direction whether you use my services or not. Please note that I still have my original Arizona phone number, so 602-574-1999 is the correct phone number.

Monica Jamer

Monica Jamer is a web designer that excels in designing websites for small businesses. She mainly designs in WordPress and has helped a wide range of customers with small businesses. When she isn't behind the computer you will usually find her working on her homestead, exploring the outdoors and traveling with her family.
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