Website Design Consultations

Web Design Consultation

My website design consultation usually takes place over the phone or in person. I can also do them over email, but conversations flow much more naturally in person or over the phone and I can direct the questions that help me make sure that I know your business and what will help your website reach its full potential. Read about how I have helped other in my case studies.

Initial Consultation

Our first consultation will consist of collecting basic information. I want to learn about your business and what type of website you will be needing. After this, I will be able to offer you a customized quote.

  • Contact Information – Who in your company is going to be my point of contact and how do I reach them?
  • Current Website Status – Do you have a current website? What platform is it built on? Do you have a domain name? Do you currently have hosting?
  • Website Objective – Who are your customers and what do they need from your website? Will it be informational or perform a function such as bookings or e-commerce? What is the main call to action? (ie. ‘Call Today’, ‘Subscribe’, ‘Buy Now’)
  • Pages – Usually we start with Home, About and Contact. Others will vary on the business but can include Services, Testimonials, Gallery, Shop, etc.
  • Logo – Do you have a logo? Are you planning to get one or only using your business name?
  • Verbiage – What text or verbiage do you have ready? Will there need to be content writing? You don’t need the verbiage ready this second but I like to know how close to completion it is. Content writing is another service that I offer (or I can give you tips on how to start yourself) and we will go over specifics during the design consultation.
  • Images – The images on a website have become a very important part of the design. Great pictures can make a website spectacular. Are there pictures or images you have in mind? Do you have images already? We can find stock photos or have photos taken.
  • Basic Design Ideas – Do you want a clean cut modern theme, something very artsy or something a bit more classic? I like to have you show me a couple of websites that you like or dislike. This helps me know what you are looking for or what trends you want to stay away from.


Design Consultation

In addition to the initial consultation, we will talk more in depth about the design aspects you want in your website. This consultation can be completed during our initial consultation call or at a later time.

  • Colors – Colors have meanings. Your target audience, branding, and color psychology are things that should be thought about when choosing colors for your website. If you have color in a logo that will usually be our starting point and we will use complimentary colors.
  • Fonts – The fonts we choose give the website its feeling. They need to be readable and match who will be reading our website. Sans serif fonts (ie. Arial) are great for modern looking websites and text that stands out. Serif fonts (ie. Times New Roman) are great for a more classic look or large blocks of text. I love fonts and can offer plenty of ideas. Use Google Fonts to see a wide selection of free commercial fonts.
  • Layout – The layout is very customizable. We start off figuring out where the logo and navigation bar will go. We then discuss the rest of the header. With the layout, it is important to remember that it will be adjusted based on the size of the screen your website is viewed on. I create the website by working in rows to make it mobile friendly.
  • Content – We will go more in depth talking about the content from the initial consult. We will go over image specifics and the verbiage. Allow more time to talk if we will be creating the text, as I will have more questions.


Contact me today to schedule your personalized consultation. Your initial consultation is always commitment free!



Monica Jamer

Monica Jamer is a web designer that excels in designing websites for small businesses. She mainly designs in WordPress and has helped a wide range of customers with small businesses. When she isn't behind the computer you will usually find her working on her homestead, exploring the outdoors and traveling with her family.
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